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Account Information Tab

Use this tab to specify access privileges for local and global Windows NT accounts.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Account Expires

Disables the expiration date of an account. When an account does not have an expiration date, the account is disabled at the end of that day. When an account expires, the user who is logged on remains logged on but cannot establish new network connections. After logging off, that user cannot log on again.

Account Expiration Date

Specifies the date when the account becomes disabled. The account is disabled at the end of the day.

Global Account for Regular User Accounts in This Domain

Creates a global account. A global account is an account in the user's home domain. Most accounts are global accounts, since this is the default setting. If multiple domains are available, it is best that each user in the network has only one global account in only one domain, giving the user only one password.

Local Account for Users from Untrusted Domains

Creates a local account. A local account is an account provided in the domain for a user whose regular account is not in a trusted domain. This might be a Windows NT server domain that is not trusted by this domain, or another type of domain or network.

Local accounts can be used to access computers running Windows NT Workstation or Windows NT Server over the network and can be granted resource permissions and user rights. Local accounts cannot be used to log on interactively.

Local accounts created in one domain cannot be used in trusting domains and do not appear in the Add Users and Groups property sheets of trusting domains. It is best for a local account to use the same password here and in its home domain.