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Account Policy Tab

Use this tab to assign password properties to the Windows NT endpoint. You can specify information such as the expiration information, password length and property information, and lockout information.

The fields in this property page are listed below:

Maximum Password Age (in Days, 0 -> Never Expires)

Specifies that the password expires in the number of says specified. Zero (0) indicates no expiration.

Range: 0 - 999

Default: 100

Minimum Password Age Before Change is Allowed (in Days)

Specifies that after a password change, you must wait nn days before the password can be changed again.

Range: 0 - 999

Default: 90

Minimum Password Length (characters)

Specifies the minimum length of a users' password.

Range: 0 - 14

Default: 6

Number of Password Changes Before Password can be Re-Used

Specifies that CA IdentityMinder "remembers" the number of passwords you specify. Thus, you are allowed to use the same password again only after you have changed your password nn times since using the repeated password.

For example, if this value is 6 and user99's password is pumpkin, user99 must change his password six times before being permitted to use pumpkin as a password again.

Account Lockout

Specifies that the account can be locked out.

Number of Attempts Allowed Before Account is Locked

Specifies the number of unsuccessful logon attempts that can cause an account to be locked. If zero (0) is specified, account lockout is not enabled.

Range: 0 - 999

Default: 5

Lockout Duration (minutes)

Specifies that when accounts are locked out, they remain locked out until the number of minutes specified has passed. If zero (0) is specified, the account is locked forever.

Range: 0 - 99999

Default: 5

Number of Minutes Before Bad Attempts Count is Reset

Specifies the time, in minutes, before the invalid longin attempts count is reset. If zero (0) is specfied, the count is never reset.

Range: 0 - 99999

Default: 5