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Endpoint Tab (Windows NT Endpoint Property Sheet)

Use this tab to change the endpoint's description, set Unicenter Security, or change the default account template assigned to the endpoint.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Endpoint Name

Specifies the name of the computer.


Specifies the description of this endpoint.

Unicenter Security

Enables Unicenter security. When you enable Unicenter security, the CAUTIL command executes and populates the Unicenter Security database with the account information.

Explore Timeout

Specifies the amount of time, in seconds, before the explore times out.

Operation Timeout

Specifies the amount of time, in seconds, before the operation times out.

The minimum value for this field is 30 seconds.

The default value is 300 seconds (5 minutes).

Changing Password Removes Expired Flag

When this box is checked, passwords are no longer expired and can be used multiple times.

Default Account Template

Specifies the default account template of the endpoint. The default account template is used to create new accounts on the endpoint. Click the Browse button to search and add account templates.