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System Options Tab

Use this tab to identify or select system options of the Acid.

The fields in this tab are listed below:


Specifies the version of the CA-Top Secret System you are running.

LDS Activated

Specifies LDS activation status of the CA-Top Secret System.


Specifies the security mode in which CA-Top Secret operates for all facilities.

Date Format of this System

Specifies the format of the date on the CA-Top Secret System.

Action Taken on Account Delete

Specifies the action to take on a logonID when an IM Provisioning account is deleted. You can select from None, Suspend, or Delete

The default is Suspend.

Default Group

Specifies the default group.

Default User

Specifies the default user.

UID Range

Specifies the range of valid values for UID.

GID Range

Specifies the range of valid values for GID.