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Security Tab

This tab specifies the password expiration and enforcement mode for the acid.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Expire Now

Specifies that the password expire immediately after the user signs onto the CA-Top Secret system.

Terminal Lock Time

Specifies lock time value of the acid. The lock time value set for an individual acid will override the lock time value set for a facility. Values range from 0 to 120 where 0 indicates locking will not occur.

Operating Mode

Specifies the enforcement mode for the acid. Enforcement mode determines what will happen when the acid attempts to access an unauthorized asset. You can choose from the following:


Denies access and logs the event.


Allows access but provides the acid with a warning message and logs the event.


Causes CA-Top Secret to ignore this activity.


Allows access and logs the event.


Instructs CA-Top Secret to use system-level settings as the enforcement mode.

The System level setting for Enforcement mode is determined by the CA-Top Secret Mode control option setting, (maintained in the Parameter File on the MVS system). To change the Mode control option, you must issue the TSS MODIFY command function or an O/S Modify command from the security console.