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Profiles Tab

Use this tab to add profiles to or delete profiles from a CA-Top Secret account template or change the order of profiles assigned to a CA-Top Secret account template.

Profiles represent common resource access authorizations and are usually classified by task. For example, all access authorizations for all resources commonly required by Payroll clerks would be collected in a “Payroll Clerk profile.” When a profile is added to an acid, that acid also receives the authorizations granted to that profile.

If an acid is associated with several profiles that have similar access authorizations, the order in which those profiles have been added becomes very important. Depending on the default AUTH options, if an acid has READ access to all SYS1* data sets in his first profile, but has been granted UPDATE access to those data sets through a later profile, he will only be permitted READ access.

In CA-Top Secret, the ordering of profiles added to an acid's security record is accomplished using the BEFORE and AFTER TSS command keywords. Depending on the AUTH control option setting, if the acid has several profiles that PERMIT various access authorizations for a particular resource, the CA-Top Secret Security Validation Algorithm will accept the first profile that it encounters - regardless of the type or degree of access authorization it contains.

The field in this tab is listed below:


Lists the profiles that are assigned to this account or account template.

Click the Add button to search and add available profiles.