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Password Options Tab

Use this tab to identify or select system password options of the Acid.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Minimum Length

Specifies the CA-Top Secret minimum password length.

Minimum Days Between Changes

Specifies the minimum number of days between password changes.

Days Warned Before Expiration

Specifies the number of days the user will be warned before expiration of account password.


Specifies the number of previous passwords to be maintained as part of the ACID's password history file. Prevents users from reusing old passwords when their current password expires.

Number of Repeating Characters

Specifies the number of pairs of repeating characters in a new password. NR or NR=0 indicates that no characters may be repeated in succession. .


Specifies the type of character that will be accepted for each position in a password.

Expiration Interval

Specifies the password expiration interval.

Number of Retries Allowed

Specifies a maximum password violation threshold. If the user exceeds the specified threshold by entering the incorrect password too may times, CA-Top Secret suspends the ACID.

Syntax: PTHRESH Default: 4

New Password Retries Allowed

Specifies the threshold value for the number of attempts allowed for new password reverification before complete logon sequence needs restarting. This option is applicable to TSO and CICS only.

No Acid in Password

Prevents a user from specifying a new password that contains his ACID or a new password whose first four characters are part of the user's name.

No Vowels

Specifies that vowels (A,E,I,O,U) cannot appear in a new password.

Numbers Only

Specifies that only numbers may appear in a new password.

Require National Characters

Specifies that a new password must contain a national character ($,@,#) between the first and last positions.

Random Password for Users on Expiration

Specifies that CA-Top Secret randomly generate a password for users when their password expires.

Users Cannot Change Password

Prevents ACID (user) from changing their password.

Prevent Similar Passwords

Prevents users from specifying a password too similar to their previous password, such as:

Prevent Use of Restricted Passwords

Prevents user from specifying a new password that is on the restricted passwords list.

Only Min and Mindays Apply to New Passwords

Specifies that only the MIN= and MINDAY= suboptions apply to new passwords. Also, WARN= remains in effect.

View Passwords

Permits a site to suppress viewing users' passwords.

Allow MSCA Suspend

Allows the MSCA's ACID to be suspended automatically if the password violation threshold, set through the PTHRESH option, is exceeded. This prevents a user from making an unlimited number of guess attempts to determine the MSCA's password.