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Endpoint Tab

Use this tab to register a CA-Top Secret new endpoint or to modify or view its properties.

The fields in this property sheet are listed below:

Endpoint Name

Specifies the name of the new CA-Top Secret endpoint. This is the name that appears in the Provisioning Manager. Commas and semi-colons are not allowed.


Specifies a description of the CA-Top Secret endpoint.

Mainframe LDAP IP Address/Machine Name

Specifies the mainframe LDAP IP Address or machine name of the Top Secret system.

This is a required field.

Mainframe LDAP Port

Specifies the Listen Port for the Security Integrator running on the Top Secret system.

This is a required field.

Use Server-Side SSL Check Box

When checked, specifies that the Server's SSL is used.

Mainframe LDAP Suffix

Specifies valid suffixes configured for this CA LDAP Server operations in im naming mode. (See the chapter titled, "CATSS_DN Backend" in the CA LDAP Server for z/OS Administrator Guide for more information on naming mode.)

This is a required field.

Proxy Admin ID

Allows you to specify an ID that will be used to issue the password modifications that are requested through the Workflow.  This provides users with the ability to change or reset their passwords if their password has expired and they cannot be authenticated to the system.

Proxy Admin Password

The password to the Proxy Admin ID on the CA-Top Secret Endpoint.

Default Account Template

Specifies the default account template of the CA-Top Secret endpoint. The default account template is used to create new accounts on the endpoint. Click the Browse button to search for the default account template.