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Synchronize Users with Roles

This task creates, updates, or deletes accounts so they comply with the provisioning roles assigned to a user. For example, administrators use native tools on an endpoint to add or delete accounts, but you have not reexplored that endpoint to update the provisioning directory. Therefore, users have extra or missing accounts. This task also ensures that each account belongs to the correct account templates.

Follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the User Console.
  2. Select Users, Synchronization, Check Role Synchronization.
  3. Select a user.

    A screen appears showing the expected accounts, extra accounts, and missing accounts.

  4. Click Synchronize to make the accounts match the template in this role.
    1. You can select a checkbox to create the account on the endpoint. If more than one account template for the user prescribes the same account, the account is created by merging all relevant account templates.

      This account is assigned to those account templates, which are currently not synchronized with the account.

    2. You can select a checkbox to delete extra accounts. However, users can have legitimate reasons for having these accounts. If that is the case, leave this option unchecked.

      On certain endpoints, the account deletion function is disabled; therefore, the account is not deleted.