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Endpoint Properties Tab

Use this tab to identify and connect to a Siebel endpoint.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Endpoint Name

Specifies the description of the endpoint.

Siebel Enterprise Server Host
Siebel Enterprise Server Port
Siebel Enterprise Server Name
Siebel Server name (Siebel 7.5 only)

Specifies the Siebel 7.5 server name.

Note: This field must be blank if using Siebel 7.7 or higher or Siebel 7.5 with Resonate.

Siebel Transport Protocol
Siebel Encryption
Siebel Compression
Siebel Application Object Manager
Siebel Encryption
Siebel Language
Siebel Username for Authentication
Password for Authentication

Specifies the user’s password.

View Mode
Enable Create User Position Feature

If checked, enables and disables create position property page for accounts and account templates.

Enable User Suspension Simulation

If checked, enables and disables user suspension simulation.