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Reverse Sync Modified Account Policy

The fields for this task are defined as follows:


Any unique name for the configuration.


Individual policies can be disabled.


The priority of policy. The highest priority policy is the one with the lowest number. If two policies have the same priority and the same scope, either policy may run. Therefore, be sure to set different priority levels.

Endpoint Type

All endpoints or a specific endpoint type.

Endpoint Name

The specific endpoint name. If Endpoint Type is All, the only choice is All endpoints.


The container where the account resides. This field applies only to hierarchical endpoints. Enter the container as a list of nodes, ending with the endpoint. For example, for an AD OU with the path "ou=child,ou=parent,ou=root,dc=domain,dc=name" the format "child,parent,root" is correct.

Attribute Name

The physical name.


A string representation of the value, which may contain * (asterisk) as a wildcard. The wildcard refers to any value in the change.


Can be one of the following:

Workflow process

A workflow process to use if Action is set to Send for Approval.