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Renewing Access to a Service

Some services expire after a certain period of time. Administrators can renew a service for users to prevent an interruption in their access.

You can renew a service using one of the following methods:

Note: Depending on how an environment is configured, end users can also renew their access by using the Renew Access task.

The following procedure describes how to renew access by selecting the service first. If you want to select the user first, use the User Access Requests, Manage User Renew Requests task in the Users category.

Follow these steps:

  1. Click Services, Renew Access in the User Console.
  2. Search for and select the service that you want to renew.

    The User Console displays a list of users who currently have access to the service you selected, and the date their access expires.

  3. Select the duration for the renewal in the Access Request column, then click OK.

    The options in the Duration field are determined when the service is created.

  4. Click Save Changes.

You can view the status of the service renewal by using the View Access Request History in the User Console.