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Use this tab specify TSO restrictions and authorizations for the RACF user.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Security Label

Specifies the user's security label.

Output Destination
Allocation Unit
User Data
Account Number

Specifies the user's default TSO account number when logging on through the TSO/E logon panel. The account number you specify must be defined as a profile in the ACCTNUM general resource class and you must be granted READ access to the profile.

Default Command

Provides a default command to be issued at TSO logon time.

Logon Procedure
Region Size
Max Region Size

Specifies the maximum region size the user can request at logon. The maximum size is 1024-byte units of virtual storage that TSO can create for the user's private address space. This number must range from 0 to 65535 for MVS/370 systems or 0 to 2096128 for MVS/XA or later systems.

HOLD Class
JOB Class
MSG Class