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Use this tab to specify OMVS restrictions and authorizations for the RACF user.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Lotus Name

Specifies the Lotus Notes name.

Novell Name

Specifies the NDS user name.


Specifies the user ID. RACF does not require the UID to be unique; it can be assigned to multiple users.

Note: A super user has an UID of 0 and can pass all Open Edition security checks.


Specifies the user's Open Edition directory path name. (This directory is the current working directory.)


Specifies the shell program path name.

Address Space Size

Specifies the maximum address space size.

CPU Time

Specifies maximum CPU time.

Files Per Process

Specifies the maximum number of files allowed per process.

Memory Limit

Specifies the non-shared memory limit.

Processes Per UID

Specifies the maximum processes allowed per UID.

Threads Per Process

Specifies the maximum threads allowed per process.

Memory Map Size

Specifies the maximum memory map size.

Shared Memory Limit

Specifies the shared memory limit.