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Configure Advanced Password Options

Advanced password policy options let you configure preprocessing of submitted passwords before validation and storage. You can also assign to the policy a priority to allow predictable evaluation of multiple password policies that apply to the same user directory or namespace.

Do Not Force Case | Force Upper Case | Force Lower Case

Determine whether passwords are forced to upper or lower case before processing and storage. Choose a case forcing option by clicking the Force Upper Case or Force Lower Case radio button. Otherwise, be sure that the Do Not Force Case radio button (the default) is selected.

Important! Be sure that any case forcing option that you specify is consistent with any case-related composition requirements you have defined.

Remove Leading White Space

Select to remove leading white space from passwords before processing.

Remove Trailing White Space

Select to remove trailing white space from passwords before processing.

Remove Embedded White Space

Select to remove all embedded white space before processing.

Note: Some user directory implementations automatically strip leading or trailing white space from attribute values (in which user passwords are stored) before storing them. The settings that you specify in your password policy have no effect.

Evaluation Priority

Specifies the evaluation priority for the password policy. The value is in the range 0 (the default) to 999. Applicable policies are evaluated in descending order (999 first; 0 last).

Apply Lower Priority Password Policies

Determines whether lower priority password policies are applied after this one.