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Specify Regular Expressions

Password regular expressions let you specify regular expressions text patterns for string matching that each password matches, or does not match, to be valid. This test can be useful, for example, when you want to require that the first character is a digit, and the last character is not.

You configure multiple expressions for a single password policy. If you create multiple expressions, acceptable passwords match all specified expressions.

Follow these steps:

  1. Type a descriptive tag for the expression (no white space) in the Name field.
  2. Type a regular expression using the syntax described in Regular Expressions Syntax in the Must Match field.
  3. If the password does not match the regular expression, select the check box in the Must Not Match column.

Note: You can specify multiple expressions by clicking the plus (+) sign to add the expression.

Example: The following regular expression definition can be used to require that all passwords start with an upper or lower case letter:Name: MustStartAlpha

Expression: [a-zA-Z].*