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Job Tab

Use this tab to specify job description, scheduling priorities, home directory, and related information, for an OS/400 user.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Current Library Name

Specifies the current the location for the job description..

Maximum Allowed Storage

Specifies the maximum amount of auxiliary storage, in KB, that is assigned to store permanent objects owned by the user.

Highest Scheduling Priority

Specifies the highest priority level, from zero to nine, zero being the highest.

Accounting Code

Specifies the accounting code associated with the user. The accounting code is used to gather information about the use of system resources. The default is BLANK.

Job Description

Specifies the fully-qualified, integrated file system path name of the job description used for jobs that start through subsystem workstation entries.

Home Directory

Specifies the home directory for this user profile. The home directory name is the same as the user profile name.

Storage Used

Read-only field that displays the amount of storage used.