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Assign Orphan Accounts

In the User Console, you can manage orphan accounts, which are accounts not associated with CA IdentityMinder user.

To create a default user for orphan accounts

If the Provisioning Directory is separate from the CA IdentityMinder user store, create the Provisioning Server default user in the CA IdentityMinder user store. The default user is used for orphan accounts.

  1. In the User Console, click the Users tab.
  2. Click Manage Users, Create User.
  3. Name the user as follows, including the brackets:
    [default user]

    You can now assign orphan accounts to users.

To assign an orphan account

  1. In the User Console, click Endpoints,
  2. Click Manage Orphan Accounts.
  3. Search for and select a user.
  4. Click a user to assign to the orphan user.