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Account Tab

Use this tab to specify Oracle account names, account authentication values, and passwords for the Oracle account template.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Account ID

* Required field

Specifies the name of the Oracle account. You can use a rule string to define the Oracle account name.


Size: 30 characters maximum.


* Required field

Specifies the authentication value of the account when this account template is used to create an account. Values can be:

Global ID

Specifies the global ID that corresponds to the Oracle account.


Specifies the password for the account if the LOCAL authentication value is chosen. The password can also be a rule string.

Confirm Password

Confirms the account password.

*For Accounts Only

Restrictions: Single-byte characters only.

Expire Password

Specifies that any account created from this account template will be expired when first started. Users will have to reset the password the first time they use the password.

The Expire Password checkbox is available only when you use Local authentication.

Exception Account


When checked, specifies that the account is locked.

Exception Account

When checked, specifies that the account is an exception account.