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Modifying a Service

As a system administrator, you can modify a service that you previously created. For example, you can change the entitlements the service grants to service members by adding a role to the service. You can also adjust admin and owner rules for the service, service prerequisites, and other administrative details.

If CA IdentityMinder has fulfilled a service for a given user, any changes that are made to the service do not propagate to that user. If you decide to modify a service, users who received the service before you changed it have the original entitlements. Users who receive the service after you change it have the entitlements that the modified service grants. For example, consider the following scenario:

As a system administrator, you create a Sales Manager service that grants the Sales Manager role and the Sales group to service members. Users request the Sales Manager service, and CA IdentityMinder fulfills the service by granting the appropriate role and group to the users. You decide to modify the Sales Manager service to include the Employee Manager role. Existing members of the service do not then receive the Employee Manager role. Only new members of the Sales Manager service receive the Employee Manager role, in addition to the Sales Manager role and the Sales group.

Thus, consider modifying a service only if the service has no members. That is, modify a service only if no user has requested and received the service, and no administrator has assigned the service to a user.

Modify a Service