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Endpoint Tab

Use this tab to display and modify the attributes and connection information of a JDBC endpoint.

The fields on this tab are listed below:

Endpoint Name

Specifies the description of this endpoint.

Default account template

Specifies the default account template of the endpoint. The default account template is used to create new accounts on the endpoint. You must define a default account template to activate the drag-and-drop feature on an organization or organizational unit. If the organization or organizational unit is not associated with an account template, the default account template at the tree level is applied. Click the Search (...) button to search and add a default account template.


Specifies the username of the user with sufficient access rights to administer the dynamic connector.

This is a required field.


Specifies the password for the Username.

This is a required field

Connection URI

Specifies the JDBC address for JDBC access.

This is a required field.