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Create an Explore and Correlate Definition

To add users that exist in an endpoint, you create an explore and correlate definition for that endpoint. Any administrator with the Create Explore and Correlate Definition task can create the definition.

Follow these steps:

  1. In an environment, click Endpoints, Explore and Correlate Definitions, Create Explore and Correlate Definition.
  2. Click Okay to start a new definition.
  3. Fill in Explore and Correlate name with any meaningful name.
  4. Click Select Container/Endpoint/Explore Method to choose an endpoint and containers if they exist. For a large endpoint, a container search may take a while; you can use the search filter to narrow the search.
  5. Click an explore method for the container. The explore and correlate process includes containers you select and its sub-containers. For a directory container, it includes all the containers in the sub-tree.
  6. Click the Explore/Correlate Actions to perform:
  7. Click Submit.

Now an administrator with the Execute Explore and Correlate task completes the integration of the endpoint.