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Explore and Correlate the Endpoint

A Hosting Administrator or another administrator with the Execute Explore and Correlate task performs this procedure. The exploration phase of the task identifies the accounts in the endpoint. The correlation phase matches the accounts with users in CA IdentityMinder or creates the accounts.

Follow these steps:

  1. In an environment, click Endpoints, Execute Explore and Correlate.
  2. Select Execute now to run explore and correlate immediately, or select Schedule new job to run explore and correlate at a later time or on a recurring schedule.

    Note: This operation requires the client browser to be in the same time zone as the server. For example, if the client time is 10:00 PM on Tuesday when the server time is 7:00 AM, the Explore and Correlate definition will not work.

  3. Click an explore and correlate definition to execute.
  4. Click Submit.

    The user accounts that exist on the endpoint are created or updated in CA IdentityMinder based on the explore and correlate definition you created.

  5. Verify the task succeeded as follows:
    1. Click System, View Submitted Tasks.
    2. Complete the task name field as follows: Execute Explore And Correlate
    3. Click Search.

    The results show if the task succeeded.