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Account Tab

Use this tab to specify information about the user, such as the account name and status.

The fields in this property page are listed below:

Account ID

Specifies the account name on the UNIX server.

Rule String: %AC%

Size/Type: 8 alphanumeric characters depending on the system

Restrictions: Cannot contain the following signs: ^ : ' $ " ( ) ' & ; , | < > \\ { } # \ [ \ ] * / < > %

This is a required field


Specifies a short description of the account template.

UNIX userids do not use a full name feature, and therefore, you should use this field to identify the user of the account.

Rule String: %UD%

Size/Type: 64 characters

Restrictions: Cannot contain ^ ` $ " ( ) ' & ; , | < > \ signs


Specifies a password for the userid on the UNIX server. The size, type, and restrictions of this field depend on the security management of the local machine.

Rule String: %P%


Use this field to set the status of the account. Your options are:

Note: If the account status is set to Manual, you may need a manual operation, such as entering a new password, to make this account active again.

For AIX:

Manual does not exist.

When the ETC AIX account has the suspended status with a blank password, it is possible to change the status to active.

Exception Account

When checked, specifies that the account is an exception account.

*For Accounts Only