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Endpoint Settings Tab

This tab lets you control various settings that apply to endpoints, such as password propagation and synchronization, as well as several options for delete and control over credentials on endpoints that support it.

The fields in this property page are listed below:

Disable password propagations to accounts

Check to skip this endpoint whenever you propagate a password change for a global user who has an account on this endpoint.

Password synchronization agent Is Installed

Check this box if a password synchronization agent is installed on the endpoint, and you want to use it.

Allow forced delete of accounts

Check to allow accounts to be force-deleted.

Account options on delete

The following fields let you select the options that set eTAccountDeletable. They set the value of the eTAccountDeletable attribute, and apply to the deletion of any account on that endpoint from any client:

Accounts will enter Delete Depending state

If the account is marked as DeletePending, it can be deleted through the Forced Delete operation, which is accessed through etautil (or from an LDAP interface)

Accounts will be deleted from both the Provisioning Directory and the managed object

Check this field to have accounts deleted from the repository and the managed endpoint.

Note: This is checked by default.

Accounts will be deleted from the Provisioning Directory, but left unchanged on the managed endpoint

Check this field to have accounts deleted from the repository but left on the managed endpoint

Use logged-in Administrator's credentials

Indicates that the currently logged-in Provisioning Administrator's credentials are used access the managed endpoint, instead of the proxy credentials that are stored on the endpoint object.

Note: Use logged-in Administrator's credentials is enabled only if the feature is supported by the endpoint.