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Attribute Mapping Tab

Use this tab to view or modify the attribute mapping for an endpoint type or endpoint object.

For endpoint type objects, the default is the mapping is defined in the schema file for the endpoint type. This mapping may be a schema mapping or a custom mapping.

Note: Mapping multiple attributes or substrings of a single attribute to the same multi-valued global user attribute, such as a custom field, is not supported. In these instances, you should map each attribute or substring to a different global user custom field.

Note: This tab is used to define which global user attributes to update when you choose the Update Global User Fields as part of an Explore and Correlate operation.

The fields in this property page are listed below:

Use Custom Settings

Activates the controls on this dialog. Once activated, you can add, and edit the list of mapping attributes. If this is not checked, the default mapping is used.

Mapping Attributes

Adds your custom mapping attributes to the list. When you click this button, you are able to add and edit the attribute mappings.

Remove (-)

Removes the selected mapping attributes.