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Account Tab

Use this tab to add view and modify the name, password, and status information for the account.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Account ID
Directory Entry Name
User Description
Text Description

Specifies a text description of the user.

Note: If using the rule, %UD:1,50%, the maximum length of the description is 50 characters but the user description may be longer, so you must limit the length of the evaluated value of the rule.

User ID Number

Specifies the user ID number.

Password Choice

Specifies where the password will come from. You can choose from the following:


Specifies the user password.

Confirm Password

Confirms the user password.

*For Accounts Only

Set Password to Expire

A check in this box specifies that the expiration interval will be enforced.

Password Expiration Interval

Use this box to set the number of days the user's password can remain active before it must be changed.


When checked, specifies that the account is suspended.

Exception Account

When checked, specifies that the account is outside the control of provisioning roles. The provisioning function “Check User Synchronization” will not report this account as extra, and therefore will not signal that this account should be deleted to bring the user in compliance with its provisioning roles.

Document Password Choice

Use this box to specify the new value of the Document Password attribute. You can choose from the following:

Document Password

Specifies the document password.

Confirm Document Password

Confirms the document password.