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Profile Tab

Use this tab to specify the environment properties for the ADS account.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Profile Path

Specifies a network path that gives the user a roaming or mandatory user profile. The path you enter must follow the form:


where server is the name of the ADS server.

Logon Script

Specifies a logon script to the account.

If the logon script is located in a subdirectory of the logon script path, the relative path precedes the file name. If a logon script is assigned to a user account, it runs each time the user logs on. It can be a batch file (.cmd or .bat file name extension) or an executable program (.exe file name extension).

One logon script can be assigned to one or more user accounts. When a user logs on, the server authenticating the logon locates the logon script by following the logon script path of the server (usually \WINNT\SYSTEM32\REPL\IMPORT\SCRIPTS).

For example, you might type clerks.cmd or you might type admins\ernesta.bat.

Computers running Microsoft Network Client for MS-DOS, Version 3.0, Windows NT Version 3.1, and LAN Manager 2.x must use the .bat file name extension.

Home Folder

Specifies the home directory of the workstation where the user logs on. For example:

Connect the Following Drive

Shares a network directory. The list box specifies a shared network directory as the home directory and connects the computer of the user to that directory at logon. For example, you might specify drive J in the Connect box and then type \\airedale\users\johnbr.