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Account Tab

Use the tab to specify the logon name and password account options for the ADS account.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Account ID
Account Name

Specifies the account name on an ADS server.

*For Accounts Only

Account ID (Pre-Windows 2000)
User Name
Account Options

Click any of the following account options in the Available Values list box to specify account requirements for an ADS account:


Specifies the password of the account.

Rule String: %P%

Size/Type: 64 characters

Confirm Password

Confirms the password.

*For Accounts Only

User Must Change Password at Next Logon

When checked, the password must be changed at next logon.

User Cannot Change Password

When checked, the password cannot be changed by the user.

Password Never Expires

When checked, the password does not expire.

Exception Account

When checked, specifies that the account is an exception account.

*For Accounts Only

Account Expires On

Specifies the date that the account will be expired. You can click on the Calendar to supply the date.

Object Class

Specifies the account's object class.