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Use this tab to identify the logonID record information about the default values that are in force when the user logs onto VM.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

VM Account

Specifies an eight-byte logonID field that holds the default account number for a virtual machine. The VM account values work with account asset groups to functionally replace the VM/XA ACCOUNT directory control statements.

Size/Type: 1-8 alphanumeric characters

No Spool

Specifies how Security Management reacts when a user with this field enters a command that results in a "spool file not found" condition. Select one of the following values from the drop-down list:

Syntax Error

Specifies the action Security Management takes when a user enters a command that results in a command syntax error. Select one of the following values from the drop-down list:


Specifies that this virtual machine can be autologged without specifying a password. This field has no effect on the logon process.


Specifies that this virtual machine cannot be logged on. It can be autologged only.


Specifies that a user can issue a diagnose 84 instruction. This lets a VM user dynamically update certain fields in a VM Endpoint entry.


Specifies that the user can bypass standard DIAL validation. When a user dials to a secured target machine with this privilege, standard DIAL validation does not take place.


Specifies that more than one person can use this virtual machine, while maintaining individual accountability. This type of machine is sometimes referred to as a maintenance machine and usually has a centralized function.


Specifies that this user can create logical devices using the IBM Pass-Through Virtual Machine (PVM) product. The privilege applies only when the optional Security Management intercepts are in place.


Specifies that this user can use the System Request Facility (SRF) in a VM environment. This field is used by sites using shared database support for MVS and VM.


Specifies that a virtual machine must specify an account number if its VMACCT field contains blanks. Security Management prevents virtual machines without the VLDVMACT field whose VMACCT field contains blanks from using the system. Security Management performs account asset validation for machines with the VLDVMACT field.


Specifies this logonID can issue the diagnose codes, DIAG 'A0' subfunction code '04'. This enables users to validate Security Management passwords from their unique applications.


Specifies that this logonID can issue System Request Facility (SRF) requests to the VM service machine from VSE.