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Use this tab to identify the logonID record information about the default values that are in force when the user logs onto VM.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

LDS User

Specifies the LDS user.

Lotus Name

Specifies the user Lotus name.

Novell Name

Specifies the user's Novell name.


Specifies the user's logon ID.


Specifies the one to 1024 byte name of the subdirectory where the OMVS program resides.


Specifies the one to 1024 byte name of the OMVS program.

CPU Time

Specifies maximum CPU time.

Maximum Processes

Specifies the maximum processes allowed per UID.

Address Space Size

Specifies the maximum address space size.


Specifies the maximum threads allowed per process.

Files Per Process

Specifies the maximum number of files allowed per process.

Data Space Pages

Specifies the maximum memory map size.