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B1 Security Tab

Use this tab to specify account security properties. These properties are used to manage authorization for access to system resources at a level commonly known as B1.

B1 security is ignored unless it has been enabled on CA Access Control.

The fields in the tab are listed below:

Enable Security Level

Check this box to enable or disable the security level.

Security Level

Specifies an optional level of security for the account. The security level of the account is compared against the level of the resource being accessed. If the account's level is the same as or greater than the resource's, this authorization check passes.

If unchecked, the security level value is not sent. If the Access Control system requires a security level, it will deny authorization if this box is unchecked.

Security Label

Specifies the security label of the account. Click the Browse button to search for a security label to assign to the account.

Security Categories

Specifies the categories that are available to the account. The list of categories assigned to the account is checked against the list of categories assigned to the resource. If every category in the resource list is also found in the account's list, this authorization check passes. Click the Add button to search for a security category.