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NT Account Settings Tab

Use this tab to specify general account options for a Windows NT account.

The fields in this tab are listed below:

Password Never Expires

Specifies that the account password never expires. When checked, the user will not be forced to change his or her password after a specified amount of time.

User Cannot Change Password

Specifies that the user cannot change the account password. This gives system administrators full control of which passwords are used and when they are changed.

User Must Change Password at Next Logon

Specifies that users must change the account password the next time they authenticate to the system. This lets system administrators use a one-time only password when setting up the account or resetting the password of an existing account.

Account Disabled

Specifies that the account is disabled. The account is still present in the system, but no one is allowed to log in under that account name.

Account Is Locked

Specifies that the account is locked. You cannot set this option.

Grant Dialin Permission to User

Specifies, when checked, that the user can dial in to the system to manage the Windows NT account information.

NT Dial-in Call Back Options

Specifies the NT dial-in call back options. You can choose from the following:

No Callback

Disables the call back feature to the user account.

Set by Caller

Specifies that the Windows NT machine prompts the user for the access number.

Initial Program for Terminal Services Logon

Specifies the program to execute automatically when a user logs on to the machine.

Working Directory for Terminal Services Logon

Specifies the working directory where the command is executed from.

Inherit Client Config

Specifies the values inherited from the client.