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Work List Tab

A work list is a list of work items (or approval tasks) that appears in the User Console of the participant authorized to approve the task. Work items correspond to manual activities in a workflow process. Work items are represented as rows in the work list.

Your work list appears automatically when you log into the CA IdentityMinder User Console if you have been assigned to approve work items initiated by other users.

Work items can be added to a work list in the following ways:

Work items can be removed from a work list in the following ways:

Each work item has the following default fields:

When the Supports bulk workflow check box is enabled, bulk approve, reject, release and reserve operations can be performed on work items. User can bulk approve, reject, release, and reserve work items that they own or work items from the delegators from the View My Work List screen. However, administrators can only perform bulk reserve or release of items on behalf of the existing user on the Manage User's Work Items screen.

Note: Bulk operations cannot be enabled for View and SelfView tasks.

To bulk approve, reject, release, or reserve work items, select the work items and click the operation you want to perform. For example, select work items and click Approve to approve the work items.

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