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Confirm Service Assignment

Once you have assigned a service to a user, confirm that all tasks associated with the service completed successfully.

Follow these steps:

  1. Choose one of the following actions:
    1. If you assigned the service to yourself, select My Access, View Access History.
    2. If you assigned the service to another user, select Services, View Service Access Request History.

    A search screen appears.

  2. Search for the service you assigned to a user.

    To display a list of all services over which you have administrative privileges, click Search without modifying the search criteria.

    A list of services you can administer appears.

  3. Select the service that you assigned, and click Select.

    A history of actions that are associated with the service appears.

  4. Click Last Changed to see the most recent actions first.
  5. Confirm that the user in question received the service successfully.
  6. Click Close.