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Verification Logical Attributes

Logical attributes used by verification screens, as follows:



Number of verification questions

The number of questions for the verification logical attribute.

The number you can enter is limited by the number of logical attributes you configured in the Storage section. For example, if you entered 3 in the Number of questions field in the Storage section, you can only enter a maximum of 3 in this verification questions field.

Name for verification question logical attribute(s)

The name for the dynamic verification logical attribute question. The verification logical attribute question must begin an end with vertical bars ( | )--for example:


You are only required to have one verification attribute question and can use it to ask multiple questions provided that you ask only one verification question per page.

To ask multiple verification questions on a single page, add multiple logical attributes to represent each dynamic verification question/answer combination. For example:

|VerifyQuestion1|, |VerifyAnswer1|, |VerifyQuestion2|, |VerifyAnswer2|

Name for verification answer logical attribute(s)

The name for the verification logical attribute answer. The verification logical attribute answer must begin an end with vertical bars ( | )--for example:


After filling in the fields, click Generate Verify Attributes to produce the logical attributes based on the number and names and you provided. When generating the logical attributes, CA IdentityMinder automatically adds vertical bars ( | ) and a number qualifier to give each attribute a unique name.

For example:


Note: You can modify the generated attribute names if necessary.