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Select User

Select the user that you want to view, modify, delete, or add to a role. If object-task navigation is enabled, you can click the right arrow icon next to the user's name to view a list of tasks that you can perform on that user.

On the default search screen, you can configure a default search filter to limit the users that are found by the search. For example, you might limit the search to find only contractors by configuring the filter Employee Type = Contractor.

The search filter <no attribute> = * returns all users.

When an administrator performs a search, CA IdentityMinder "remembers" the search criteria. The next time that administrator uses the Select User search screen, CA IdentityMinder displays the search filter the administrator entered previously. To clear the saved filter, use the Clear button.

Note To search for users who do not have a value for a specific attribute, use the not equal () sign. For example, to view all users who do not have a department code, specify the filter Department Code *.