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Search Tab

The Search tab lets you limit the scope of the task. If the task has no primary object, or if the action is self-modify, self-view, or approve, the Search tab does not appear.

The Search tab contains the following fields:

Search Screen

Specifies the name of the search screen to be used to select the admin task for the task.


Locates and edit a search screen that limits the scope of the task. The objects found by the search screen limit the scope of the task.

Modified objects must remain in administrator’s scope

This option does not appear for tasks that manage roles. When this check box is selected, CA IdentityMinder displays an error if changes to the task cause the administrator to lose scope over the primary object. For example, an administrator may use Modify User to change a user's Employee Type attribute to Manager. This change may put the user outside the administrator’s scope.

Search Options

This option appears only for tasks that manage roles. Filtering not supported means that the task displays all roles that apply to the option you select. Search fields that are configured on the search screen are ignored.

Copy scope from another task

Allows you to add scope rules from another task to the task that you are managing. If the role you are managing requires a subset of the original scope rules, delete the unwanted rules after they are added to the current role.

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