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Task Details

Task details include a summary of the task such as,

Besides the task summary, CA IdentityMinder provides the following information.

Identity Policy Violations

Lists the preventative identity policy violations that occurred when the user submitted the task. There can be more than one violation if the proposed changes in the task trigger multiple preventative identity policies.

The following information is available for identity policy violations:

Note: CA IdentityMinder does not display preventative identity policies with the type Reject.

Task Workflow Job View

Displays the details of an an approval task. Specifies the process name, job id number and status of the task.

Included Events

Indicates in a table the events that are associated with the task. Events are triggered when you perform a task. The status of a task depends on the status of the events and tasks in a workflow. The table also includes the status of the events. CA IdentityMinder provides event details such as the status of a submitted event, event attributes, and any additional information about the events. The Included Events table displays the following information:

Initiated Tasks

Lists the tasks that are submitted and executed as a result of the selected task.

Prerequisite Tasks

Indicates all the tasks that must be executed before the selected task.

Subsequent Tasks

Indicates all the tasks that are executed later than the selected task.

Approved Tasks

Displays the details of an approved task if the task you are viewing is an approval task.

Task History

Displays a status history of the actions that were performed during execution of the current task.

Note: Based on the task status, you can further cancel or resubmit a task. For more information on Task Status and the actions you can perform on tasks, see Description of Task Status.