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Synchronize Users Manually

You may want to manually synchronize a user with an identity policy set to ensure that a user account has the right privileges, or complies with a compliance policy.

You can manually synchronize a user by using the Synchronize User task in the CA IdentityMinder User Console.

Note: For the Synchronize User task to work properly, the User Synchronization option must be set to Off, and the Account Synchronization option must be set to On Task Completion or On Every Event. For better performance, choose the On Task Completion option. These options are set in the Profile tab for the Synchronize User task.

The Synchronize User task includes the following tabs:

To synchronize a user account

  1. Log in to CA IdentityMinder as a user who can use the Synchronize User task. (By default, users with the System Manager role can use this task.)
  2. Select Policies, Synchronize User.

    The Synchronize User task opens.

  3. Select the Synchronization Summary tab.
  4. Review the policies and associated actions that CA IdentityMinder will apply to the user, then click Submit.