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Specify Workflow Resource Script

CA IdentityMinder is shipped with a script, named IM Approvers, that passes information between CA IdentityMinder and the workflow server.

When a list of participants is required for a workflow activity, the script passes to CA IdentityMinder the activity name, the participant identifier provided on the User Data tab of the WorkPoint Activity Properties dialog box, and any other information provided on the User Data tab. CA IdentityMinder searches for the participants and passes the list back to the script. The script then provides the list to the workflow server.

When you have a new workflow process definition and the workflow process activity is a CA IdentityMinder workflow approval task, the IM Approvers script must be specified in the Resources tab of the WorkPoint Activity Properties dialog box.

To specify the IM Approvers script in WorkPoint Designer

  1. In the Resources tab, click Select.
  2. In the Select Resources dialog box, select Rule from the drop-down list. This action lists the rules (scripts) that you can associate with the activity.
  3. Select the script name IM Approvers and click Add.
  4. Click OK, and then click Apply on the Activity Properties dialog box.

Note: Do not modify the IM Approvers script.