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Set Up a Default Organization for Self-Registered Users

If your CA IdentityMinder environment supports organizations, you can specify the organization where CA IdentityMinder creates accounts for self-registered users.

Note: To store profiles for different types of users, such as customers and suppliers, in different environments, create multiple self-registration tasks with different default organizations. For example, if customers self-register in the customers organization, and suppliers register in the supplier organization, create two self-registration tasks, such as Customer Registration and Supplier Registration. In each task, define the appropriate default organization.

  1. Navigate to the Configure Profile screen for the Self-Registration task if necessary:
    1. In the User Console, choose Roles and Tasks, Admin Tasks, Modify Admin Task.
    2. Select the Self Registration task.
    3. Select the Tabs tab.
    4. Click the right arrow next to the Profile tab.
  2. On the Configure Profile screen, click Browse next to Default Organization.
  3. Select the organization where new users should be created.
  4. Save your changes.