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The Select Box Data XML File

The Select Box Data XML file is a tree-based collection of elements and child elements. You can populate fields in any profile screen with elements or child elements in a Select Box Data XML file. After creating the XML file, you can import it using Import Select Box Data task in the User Console.

Note: Attribute names are case-sensitive in XML.

The following code shows an example of a Select Data XML file that populates the state names and city names when the country is selected as Australia or UK:

<places name="places" displayName="places">
	<country name="AU" displayName="Australia">
		<state name="VIC" displayName="Victoria">
			<city name="MEL" displayName="Melbourne"/>
			<city name="GEEL" displayName="Geelong"/>
			<city name="BAL" displayName="Ballarat"/>
		<state name="NSW" displayName="New South Wales">
			<city name="SYD" displayName="Sydney"/>
			<city name="NCL" displayName="Newcastle"/>
			<city name="WOD" displayName="Wodonga"/>
		<state name="QLD" displayName="Queensland">
			<city name="BRIS" displayName="Brisbane"/>
			<city name="CNS" displayName="Cairns"/>
			<city name="TVL" displayName="Townesville"/>
<country name="UK" displayName="UK">
		<state name="SU" displayName="Surrey">
			<city name="LON" displayName="London"/>
			<city name="READ" displayName="Reading"/>
		<state name="WLS" displayName="Wales">
			<city name="CDF" displayName="Cardiff"/>
			<city name="SWN" displayName="Swansea"/>