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Search Screens

Search screens allow you to find an object to view, modify, or delete. You can also use search screens also to create the initial page for the forgotten password and self-registration tasks.

This section contains the following topics:

Select Access Task

Select Access Role

Select Account Template

Create Account Template

Select Admin Task

Select Admin Role

Select Container

Select Endpoint

Select Endpoint Type

Select Explore and Correlate Definition

Create Explore and Correlate Definition

Select User

Standard Search

Select Group

Select Organization

Select Identity Policy Set

Select Logical Attribute Handler

Select Password Policy

Select Provisioning Role

Forgotten Password

Enter New Password

Reset User Password

Recover Forgotten Username

Create New Account

End User License Agreement

Select Screen Definition

Reverse Synchronization Policies

Policy Xpress Policies

Select Snapshot Definition

Select Report

Select Report Recurrence Schedule

Upload Bulk Loader Feeder File