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Screen-Defined Logical Attributes

Screen-defined logical attributes are fields on a Profile tab that are defined locally for the current task. You can use these screen-defined logical attributes to manipulate objects in a task screen or modify physical attributes that are stored in the user store.

Screen-defined logical attributes are defined, initialized, validated, populated, and implemented using JavaScript.

For example, if you had 3 physical attributes that stored a date (month, day, year), but you wanted to present the user with a single field to enter the date, you can configure a screen logical attribute for the date field. Once the user enters a date, you can configure validation JavaScript to parse the date into month, day, and year values and set them into the physical attributes (which would likely be hidden attributes on the screen).

Note: Attributes enclosed within '|' are identified as screen-defined logical attributes.

The screen-defined logical attributes are useful when you are creating generic tasks that are not bound to any primary object. In this case, you create the fields on the Profile tab using only screen defined logical attributes. You cannot specify physical attributes.