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Schedule an Admin Task

The Schedule tab lets you automate the execution of a task at a later date.

If you schedule a task that is associated with a workflow process, CA IdentityMinder executes all the tasks as defined in that workflow at the scheduled time.

The status of the scheduled tasks can be viewed in the View Submitted Tasks page. If the scheduled task has not been executed by CA IdentityMinder yet, you can also use the View Submitted Tasks page to cancel the task.

The following fields appear on the Schedule tab.

Schedule Execution

Specifies that the admin task will be executed at the selected date and time.

Note: If you schedule a task to execute earlier than the time you have submitted the task, a warning is displayed. You can choose to execute the task immediately.

Execute At

Identifies the time and date when CA IdentityMinder will execute this task. Click the calendar () icon to select the date and time when you want the task to execute.

The scheduling time is based on the client time.

Note: The time you specify indicates the earliest time that CA IdentityMinder can execute the task. In some instances, the task may execute after the specified time.