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Groups Tab

The Groups tab lets you view the groups a user is a member of, or add or remove a user from a public group.

This tab contains the following fields:


Specifies that the user is a member of the group.

Object Name

Specifies the name of the Salesforce public group.

Add Salesforce public group

Lets you add the user to Salesforce public group.

Portal User Tab

This tab lets you create a portal user with either a partner or customer license. You can create this portal user for an existing customer, or you can ask CA IdentityMinder to create a new customer account at the same time. In addition, you can create a new contact or use any

Customer (Account) name

Specifies the name of an existing customer new portal account. When you click Browse, you can search through the existing customers, then select the one that needs a new portal account.

Create new customer

Identifies whether to create a new customer record.

If there is no customer record in Salesforce, select this box and enter the name in the New Customer Name field.

New customer name

Specifies the name of the new customer account.

Create new contact

Identifies whether you want CA IdentityMinder to create a new contact object.