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Endpoint Dialog

This dialog lets you view or specify the connection details required to connect to a Salesforce endpoint.

This tab lets you register or view the properties of a Salesforce endpoint, and specify or view the endpoints connection details.

Do not use HTTP proxy

Specifies that the connector ignores HTTP settings when communicating with an endpoint that has already been acquired. This may be required, for instance, when the Java CS server is temporarily moved to a different network without the HTTP proxy server.

Note: The HTTP proxy settings were set during the installation of JCS. If you need to change the HTTP proxy settings, run the JCS installation again.

Endpoint Name

(Mandatory) Defines the name of the endpoint.


Defines a business description of the endpoint. Use this field to record any information that helps you identify the endpoint.


(Mandatory) Defines the name of the account that the client application uses to connect to the endpoint.


(Mandatory, write only) Defines the administrator password that the client application uses to connect to the endpoint.

Encrypted: Yes


Defines the API web service login URL.

Only a valid Salesforce server URL can be used to acquire a Salesforce endpoint. Valid URLs take the following forms:

Security Token

(Write only) Defines the security token the user must use when using an API or desktop client to log in to a endpoint.

Encrypted: Yes