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Account Tab (Account Templates)

This tab lets you view and modify the account attributes that this template will propagate to SAP UME accounts.

This tab contains the following fields:

Account ID

Defines the name of the account. This is the SAP logon name.

Mandatory: Yes

Default: %AC%


Default: %UD%


(Write-only) Defines the user password for the SAP UME endpoint.

Restricted characters: Passwords cannot begin with a ? (question mark) or a ! (exclamation point).

Restricted passwords: PASS, SAP*

Note: The default password restrictions and character restrictions are based on SAP ABAP password rules. If you are using a different user store such as Active Directory, you can remove the restrictions. For more information, see Customizing Password Restrictions in the Connectors Guide.

Mandatory: Yes

Max. length: 14 characters

Default: %P%


Specifies that the account is locked in SAP UME. For more information, see Locked and Suspended Passwords in the Connectors Guide.

Default: False

Valid From Date

Defines the date from which this account is valid. When you create an account, the default value is today's date.

Data type: DateTime

Valid To Date

Defines the date at which this account becomes valid. When you create an account, the default value is December 31, 2500 at 12:00:00 AM in your local time.

Data type: DateTime

Password Disabled

(Read-only) Specifies that the user cannot log in using a password. Users should log on using an alternative method, such as client certificate in SSL.

Default: False

Security Policy

Identifies the security policy that applies to this account.

Possible Values: Default and Technical User

Default: Default

Activate Accessibility Feature

Note: This attribute is available on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP17 and SAP NetWeaver 7.01 SP2 and later. For earlier SAP AS Java systems, it is ignored. For more information, see "SAP note 1238330 - Missing attribute in SPML schema".