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You can run reports for your CA IdentityMinder environment. Generally, reports show either system status at a certain point, or system activity over a time period. For example, the Role Owners Report provides a current list of users who are role owners for each role in the system. The Audit-Reset Password Report shows password reset activity over a period you specify. CA IdentityMinder includes many preconfigured reports that are designed to address common reporting needs.

Reports are used by various users. For example, an administrator can run reports to gain information about the state of their environment and the activities of their users. A system administrator can run reports to facilitate configuration or maintenance tasks for the environment.

Each report requires initial configuration before you can run it. Typically, your system administrator, or another user with report administration privileges, performs that configuration. Once initial configuration is complete, you can run the report. Running a report is a two-step process. When you request a report, the system gathers and processes the required data. After you request a report, you can view it.

This section contains the following topics:


How to Run Snapshot Reports

How to Run Non-Snapshot Reports

Set Reporting Options